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Beppy Classic Wet Sponges are specially designed to help you through your period.

Beppy Sponges are:
• Invisible and unnoticeable
• Individually wrapped
• Lightweight
• Very absorbent
• Long lasting (up to 8 hours)
• Cordless
- The Beppy Classic Wet is a wet sponge, specially contoured for added comfort.
- Beppy Sponges always fit, because the special foam adopts itself to the shape of the vagina.
- Beppy Wet Sponges contain a pleasantly scented gel and a finger cavity for easy removal.
- Beppy Sponges are soft, safe and comfortable.
- Beppy Sponges are for single use only.
- The Beppy Classic Wet Sponge is NOT a contraceptive.

What is the difference Between WET and DRY
The similarity of these two versions are:

  • Both versions have a soft structure and adapt to your body shape.
  • A sponge that you wear up to 8 hours during your period.
  • Tampons are used for the same purposes, such as sports, sauna, sex and more....

The difference between the two versions:

  • WET version has lactagel (Easy In).
  • WET version has a handy loop for grip (Easy Out).
  • DRY version is anatomical shaped.
  • DRY version is for the experienced user.


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